Expatriate Financial Advice

Whether you are an Australian expatriate living abroad, a skilled migrant living in Australia, or endeavouring to obtain a Significant Investment Visa (SIV) from a financial planning perspective it is paramount that expats understand how they will be taxed on their Australian and overseas passive and investment income so that they can take advantage of the unique financial planning opportunities that are available to expats.  It is also vital that expats understand how to maintain their favourable tax regime. 

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management can work with your advisers throughout the globe to deliver the best overall outcome for you. 

Our financial planning offering extends beyond investment advice.  It includes:

  • Tax planning and the preparation of Australian tax returns
  • Estate planning 
  • Superannuation advice
  • Retirement planning
  •  Personal insurance

Ideally you should contact us before you leave or arrive in Australia, although late advice is better than no advice.

For our advice offering that is relevant to your situation, please refer to our Australian expatriate, skilled migrant or significant investment visa pages.

"Since engaging Chris Humphrey, I have benefited from his comprehensive financial, investment and tax knowledge. Chris and his team are always quick to respond to my queries and pro-active in updating me on any changes that may affect my financial situation. "

Dr Jason Stone