Hunter Green

Hunter Green is an independently owned Australian financial services licensee with no ties to financial product providers.  All of their financial advisers are based in Brisbane.

Why Hunter Green

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management chose to become licensed through Hunter Green for the following reasons:

  • Hunter Green is independently owned and run.
  • Hunter Green allows its financial advisers the opportunity to be true financial advisers rather than product promoters.
  • Hunter Green allows its financial advisers to charge their clients on a fee for service basis.
  • Hunter Green practises a disciplined recruitment process endeavouring to ensure its future financial advisers are of high quality.
  • Easy access to Hunter Green management as they are Brisbane based.

"Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management has helped my family with professional financial advice on a number of occasions. Specifically, Chris recently helped me to make decisions regarding my salary packaging options. Chris and his team are always proactive and quick to respond to queries. Chris’ advice has always been relevant and informative, enabling us to make careful decisions about our financial situation and planned future. "

Kirsten Cowan