Wealth Pipeline

Discretionary Trusts

When considering tax planning, asset protection and wealth distribution, the question of structures naturally arises.  A discretionary trust has many advantages; however, it also has limitations.  Considerations should be given...

By: December 11, 2017

Asset Protection

Australia is now considered one of the most litigious nations in the world. Consequently, with increased numbers of individuals working in either professional fields or operating small businesses asset protection...

By: October 19, 2017

Insurance bonds

As the superannuation rules continue to change, investment vehicles like insurance bonds (also called investment bonds) are slowly but surely becoming more attractive from a tax perspective.

By: August 7, 2017

Upcoming Superannuation Changes

With a 1 July 2017 start date, there is not much time to adjust your superannuation strategies.  The 2016 Federal Budget superannuation changes have recently been legislated and are the...

Federal Budget '16

In light of the Federal Budget and given the media's tendency to focus on the unfavourable superannuation changes, this month's Wealth Pipeline focuses on the positive takeaways from the proposals. If the legislation is passed, the below changes will come into effect 1st July 2017.

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