Wealth Accumulator Offerings

We split our wealth accumulator offering into financial advice and investment advice.

Clients are encouraged to receive the complete suite of our offering, however they are free to receive limited advice if they wish.

Financial advice

Our financial advice provides clients with the framework to maximise and protect wealth.  The main themes of our financial advice are tax planning, asset protection and planning wealth distribution on death.  Our financial advice entails:

  • Cash flow modeling - we create a financial road map into the future.  We revisit your road map in future reviews.  Our cash flow modeling encompasses all the investment and financial advice strategies used.
  • Tax planning, possibly using superannuation funds, discretionary trusts, children, corporate beneficiaries and/or lower income partners to distribute non personal services income to.  Careful consideration is made to the Family Tax Benefit, spouse superannuation tax offset, superannuation co-contribution scheme and other government schemes and tax offsets.
  • Salary packaging - appropriate levels of superannuation salary sacrificing, the employee/employer ownership of motor vehicles, use of laptops, etc.
  • Debt reduction strategies.
  • Estate Planning, including assets that sit outside wills e.g. Superannuation, property and other assets held as joint tenants.
  • Business succession planning (if applicable).
  • Retirement planning, including pre-retirement strategies.
  • Personal insurance - we ensure clients have the correct level of insurance, encompassing type(s) of insurance, sums insured, ownership (superannuation or personal names) and structure (level versus stepped).
  • Superannuation Advice, including spouse superannuation contributions, superannuation co-contribution, spouse superannuation contribution splitting, self managed superannuation funds including borrowing for property.
  • Allowing structure flexibility so if assets are crystallized, capital gains tax is minimised.
  • We keep abreast of legislation changes to ensure the legality of our financial strategies and to take advantage of new ones.
  • Asset protection in the event of litigation or bankruptcy.  This includes the possible use of discretionary trusts, superannuation funds and ownership of assets in partners’ names.
  • Property ownership strategies.  This could include the use of discretionary trusts or superannuation funds.  Land Tax is avoided if possible.
  • Allowing structure flexibility so if assets are crystallised capital gains tax is minimised.

Investment advice

Our investment advice endeavors to maximise and/or maintain investment capital within each client’s risk profile.  Our investment advice entails:

  • Selecting asset classes - often property versus equities is a key issue.
  • Selecting specific assets within asset classes.
  • Investment strategies specific to the economic cycle and client views.  These could include writing covered calls (buy/write strategy), corporate bonds and increasing weight in high beta stocks.
  • Appropriate gearing levels (if any).
  • Tactical versus strategic allocation i.e. timing the market.

We integrate our investment and financial advice in a tax focused manner.

Humphrey Partners is conveniently located on the outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.

"Since engaging Chris Humphrey, I have benefited from his comprehensive financial, investment and tax knowledge. Chris and his team are always quick to respond to my queries and pro-active in updating me on any changes that may affect my financial situation. "

Dr Jason Stone