Investment Property Advice

At Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management we specialise in maximising client wealth in the Brisbane area and beyond, this includes providing direct property advice to our clients.  

Commonly asked questions about property investment include:

"What is a positively geared property?"

"What is involved in buying an investment property in Brisbane?"

"Where is the Queensland property market headed?"

"Is buying property a good wealth creation strategy?"

Our property advice includes:

  • Discussions of the general characteristics of property
  • The differences between apartments, houses, inner city real estate, suburban real estate, mining towns etc
  • Analysis of the different classes of commercial property - Industrial, retail, office, etc
  • Determining the most appropriate level of gearing (negative and positive)
  • Property ownership structures - joint tenants, tenants in common, discretionary trusts, superannuation funds etc
  • Tax minimization - including in the event of capital gains, depreciation and the building allowance
  • Principal Place of Residence Capital Gains Tax exemption
  • Property ownership asset protection strategy - in the event of litigation or bankruptcy
  • Avoiding Land Tax where possible
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Borrowing in a Self Managed Super Fund
  • Ensuring adequate insurance in the event of ill health to avoid the possibility of a forced sale
  • Determining whether a property is regarded as business real property for superannuation purposes
  • Stamp duty issues
  • First home owners grant
  • First Home Saver Accounts.

Our advice does not cover:

  • Marketing
  • Specific recommendations of properties.

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management is conveniently located on the outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.

" I contacted Humphrey Partners through a website enquiry seeking professional advice including a life insurance review. Chris took the time to fully understand my financial position, goals and needs to provide me with timely, relevant and easy to understand personal advice. This allowed me to make an informed decision about the types of insurance I really needed, my appropriate levels of cover and how to structure my cover to get the best value for my money."

Carmel White