Wealth Creation Brisbane

At Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management we specialise in maximising client wealth in the Brisbane area and beyond.  Good financial planning takes advantage of as many wealth creation strategies as possible, we like to use a wide range of strategies at our disposal to help our clients build wealth.

Common questions asked by new and existing clients include:

"What is wealth creation?"

"What is the best way to build wealth?"

Wealth is created when a person’s financial net worth increases (after adjusting for inflation) as a result of:

  • Investment growth
  • Investment gearing (negative and positive gearing)
  • Salary packaging
  • Spending less than you earn, including investment income
  • Government grants, tax offsets and schemes (ie superannuation co-contribution, first home owners grant and savings scheme, etc).

Tax planning

Wealth creation is enhanced through tax planning, which can include:

  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Pre-retirement strategies
  • Avoiding land tax where possible
  • Structuring of business and investment assets - possible use of discretionary trusts and borrowing for property in superannuation.


Additionally, wealth creation can be assisted by:

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management is conveniently located on the outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.

" I am exceptionally happy with the quality of the advice and service that I continue to receive from Chris. I am impressed with his breadth of knowledge and expertise, and his ability to deliver it in a simple to understand manner. Chris is my first financial adviser and he has never given me a reason to look for an alternate. "

Jason Banks - State Manager Home Improvement Retailer