Retiree Offerings

We split our retirement phase offering into financial advice and investment advice.

Our clients in the Brisbane area and beyond are encouraged to receive the complete suite of our offerings, however they are free to receive limited advice if they wish.

Financial advice

Our financial advice provides clients with the framework to maximise and protect wealth.  The main themes of our financial advice are tax minimisation and planning wealth distribution on death.  Our financial advice entails:

  • Tax minimization - utilising superannuation funds, superannuation pensions, discretionary trusts, children and grandchildren, corporate beneficiaries and/or lower income partners to distribute non personal services income to.  Careful consideration is made to the spouse superannuation contribution tax offset, mature age tax offset and the superannuation co-contribution scheme.
  • Estate Planning, including assets that sit outside your will such as Superannuation and property held as joint tenants.
  • Superannuation Advice - minimising superannuation "death taxes", maximising superannuation death payouts, account based pensions.
  • Allowing structure flexibility so if assets are crystallised, capital gains tax is minimised.
  • Keeping abreast of legislation changes to ensure the legality of our financial strategies and to take advantage of new ones.
  • Family wealth planning.

Investment advice

Our investment advice endeavors to maximise wealth, retirement incomes and/or maintain investment capital within the client's risk parametres.  Our investment advice entails:

  • Selecting asset classes - often property versus equities is a key issue.
  • Selecting specific assets within asset classes.
  • Investment strategies specific to the economic cycle and client views; these could include writing covered calls (buy/write strategy), corporate bonds and increasing weight in high beta stocks.
  • Appropriate gearing levels (if any).
  • Tactical versus strategic allocation i.e. timing the market.

We integrate our investment and financial advice in a tax focused manner.

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management is conveniently located on the outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.

" I have been very impressed with the service that Chris Humphrey has supplied. He was able to take my complicated tax and insurance situation and provide a clear and concise investment strategy. The personal service that Chris has given me has been greatly appreciated. "

Michael Oberhardt - Principal Geologist at Arrow Energy