Post-Retirement Planning

Common questions asked by new and existing clients that have reached retirement age include:

"How much do I need to retire?"

"What does the transition into retirement and beyond involve?"

"How can Humphrey Partners Private Wealth help us prepare financially?"

Especially as we retire earlier and live longer, post-retirement planning is paramount.  To achieve optimal retirement income we:

  • Keep abreast of legislation changes to ensure the use of every possible strategy;
  • Monitor expected retirement livings costs;
  • Structure assets to minimise tax and maximise retirement income;
  • Consider preserving superannuation retirement funds in accumulation phase rather than pension phase particularly if holding non-income producing assets such as gold, artwork and land. Some of the noted investments can only be held in self managed superannuation funds;
  • Consider unique investment strategies that exist for over 60 year olds whose retirement assets are housed in superannuation; and
  • Tailor estate planning requirements.

For more information please see our retiree offerings.

Humphrey Partners Private Wealth is conveniently located on the outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.

" I contacted Humphrey Partners through a website enquiry seeking professional advice including a life insurance review. Chris took the time to fully understand my financial position, goals and needs to provide me with timely, relevant and easy to understand personal advice. This allowed me to make an informed decision about the types of insurance I really needed, my appropriate levels of cover and how to structure my cover to get the best value for my money."

Carmel White