Retirement Planning

Thorough retirement planning and successful execution of that planning helps facilitate an enjoyable retirement.

At Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management, we specialise in Retirement Planning in the Brisbane area and beyond. We encourage clients to plan retirement well in advance and appreciate that the ability to retire is often a more common goal than retirement itself.  Financial planning for retirement can assist clients prepare for this.

Common questions asked by new and existing clients approaching retirement age include:

"How much do I need to retire?"

"What does the transition into retirement involve?"

"How can Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management help us prepare financially?"

Our retirement planning advice is split into pre-retirement and post-retirement advice.

As retirees primarily require income to fund their living costs, we invariably construct retirement investment portfolios differently to that of our wealth accumulators.

Retirement Planning and Superannuation

From a tax perspective, superannuation is generally the best investment vehicle for retirement funds.

Retirement and Estate Planning

Retirement planning and estate planning for couples are interlinked because it is rare that both members of a couple die at the same time.  As such, retirement funds are most often passed from the deceased to their surviving spouse.

We specialise in maximising the amount of your superannuation that passes to your spouse and family upon your death.  In some cases we engineer superannuation death payouts that are higher than the member's superannuation balance (see anti-detriment).

From an estate planning perspective, the way in which a superannuation member’s death benefit is paid needs to be carefully considered.  Typically the most important considerations are control and tax.  Retaining superannuation death benefits inside super generally produces the most tax favourable outcome. 

Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management is conveniently located on the outskirts of Brisbane's CBD.  

" Chris provided me with timely, extremely valuable, unbiased advice on a number of occasions. He is very skilled at understanding one's particular circumstances and tailoring the advice he gives accordingly. I have every confidence in his expertise and integrity and am happy that he is managing our financial affairs. "

Dr Penelope Brassey