Complying Investments

Areas of Complying Investments

  • Commonwealth, State or Territory Government Bonds; and/or
  • ASIC regulated managed Funds with a mandate for investing in Australia; and/or
  • direct investment into Australian Proprietary companies.

The applicant of the Significant Investor Visa may hold investments in each of these areas of investment.  They may also change between complying investments provided they meet specific reinvestment requirements. 

Rules of Investment

In order to be nominated by a State/Territory an applicant must comply with the particular State’s/Territory’s criteria, which may require a certain amount of investment in a particular area of investment.  At this time the criteria for each State/Territory has not yet been finalised.

Applicants of the Significant Investor Visa must meet specific requirements for the investment

These include:   The investment must be made and held either

  • directly by applicant or together with their spouse or de facto partner
  • through a company where all of the issued shares are owned by the applicant or together with their spouse or de facto partner
  • through a valid trust where the trustees and beneficiaries include the applicant or applicant together with their spouse or de facto partner

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