Australian Expatriate Financial Advice

At Humphrey Partners Private Wealth, we offer wealth management advice and portfolio administration for Australian expatriates.

Initial Decisions

Even before moving overseas, there are important financial decisions that any prospective expatriate should consider.  For example, once an Australian becomes a non-tax resident for tax purposes, they are deemed to have disposed of all their non-real Australian property i.e. shares, options and managed funds.  However, it is possible for a taxpayer to elect for the deemed disposal not to occur. 

Australian Tax for Expats

Tax planning is imperative for Australian expats as there are often tax incentives for a non-tax resident of Australia to invest (or continuing to invest) in Australia.   

Australian non-tax residents are only taxed on Australian sourced income.  However there are exemptions and concessional tax rates applied to Australian sourced income, which can be taken advantage of.

Tax Free Income

  • Generally capital gains from managed funds and listed shares are tax-free.  Australian non- tax residents are only subject to pay Capital Gains Tax on gains that arise from 'taxable Australian real property'.
  • Franked dividends are tax-free.

Concessional Taxed Income

  • Unfranked dividends attract tax ranging from 0% to 30%.  Unfranked dividends will be taxed at 0% to the extent of the conduit foreign income component of the dividend. 
  • Investment portfolios can be constructed to avoid unfranked dividends.
  • Generally, tax on interest bearing instruments (e.g. term deposits, bonds) is limited to 10%.

Is Australian Income taxable overseas?

Your Australian sourced income might be taxable in the country you are considered a tax resident.  We do not specialise in overseas tax, however we are happy to work with your foreign accountant or tax advisers.

Expat Financial Advice

Our Australian expats financial planning advice is not just about investment advice.  It also includes financial advice covering:

 Our expat case study may help you to understand some of the financial planning considerations in more detail.

Client Reviews

We like to maintain contact with our clients throughout the year.  This is not always possible when you are based abroad, but we are happy to make ourselves available for teleconferences or video conferences and always welcome a visit from you when you are back home in Brisbane, Australia.

 For more information, please contact us.

Please note that all financial advice relates to Australian financial products and services. As we are not licensed to provide advice in foreign jurisdictions, you must have an Australian address, agent or attorney to which we can direct any advice

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