Our Process

Initial Contact

Prior to attending an Initial Consultation, you will be provided with an Initial Client Fact Find.  In order to derive the optimal benefit from the consultation, we encourage you to provide the requested information prior to your appointment to allow us sufficient time to review it.  

Initial Consultation

We ask you invest up to 90 minutes for your Initial Consultations.  During this time we endeavour to:

  • identify your needs, goals and objectives;
  • provide relevant and informative general advice; and
  • provide you the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether you would like to receive personal advice.

The Initial Consultation also provides us the opportunity to decide whether we are the right fit for the you in terms of our skillset and culture.

At the initial consultation we provide you with a Financial Services Guide (FSG), as required of us by law.  The purpose of a FSG is to give you sufficient information to enable you to decide whether to obtain financial services from the us, the specified provider.


For us to undertake further work we require you to sign an Engagement Agreement

We endeavour to provide an Engagement Agreement within two business days of the Initial Consultation.  This allows us sufficient time to examine your financial situation in conjunction with your identified needs and objectives. 

Our Engagement Agreements outline:

  • the scope of our advice; 
  • what we need from you inclusive of the Final Client Fact Find;
  • an indicative fee range - final fees are determined by your unique and specific situation together with the complexity of the advice provided; and
  • a timeframe of the advice to be provided (inclusive of the Strategy Discussion Meeting and the completed Financial Plan).

Please note, it is not possible to commence work until we have received all the information outlined in the Final Client Fact Find.

Strategy Discussion Meeting

We aim to create a long term partnership with you in order to implement a thorough Financial Plan.  It is therefore important we spend time getting to know you and working through your Financial Plan with you. 

We arrange a Strategy Discussion Meeting prior to finalising your Financial Plan to ensure you have gained a good understanding of the Financial Plan.

In the Strategy Discussion Meeting we will walk you through our proposals, educate you on the concepts and likely outcomes based on our mutually agreed understanding of your situation.  

In some circumstances, additional meetings may be required.  Once finalised, we present you with your Financial Plan in a prescribed written format called a Statement of Advice (SoA).  We are required to do this by law.

Statement of Advice

Once your Financial Plan is complete we provide your personalised SoA and allow you time to further study our recommendations.  We encourage you to note any questions on the documentation in preparation for the Implementation Meeting.

(Once happy with the SoA, we then provide an Ongoing Service Agreement. )

Implementation Meeting

In this meeting we endeavour to answer any further questions you may have.  We want to ensure you feel comfortable that the advice provided is appropriate for you.

When you agree to implement the recommended strategies in your personalised SoA you will need to sign and return an Authority to Proceed.  The Authority will also include any recommended strategies agreed too but subject to certain amendments. 

Ongoing Service Agreement

Our Ongoing Service Agreements are individually tailored to your circumstances.  They set out:

  • what you can expect from us
  • what we need from you;
  • the scope of the advice  agreed to be provided;
  • and our fees.

The Ongoing Service Agreement will be provided to you for review in the Strategy Discussion Meeting, and takes effect upon your signature.  If you are considering or seeking ongoing advice we encourage you to sign this form when signing your Authority to Proceed.

Implementation of Advice

After you have signed an Authority to Proceed, the next step is to implement the agreed strategies.  We will provide you with a Checklist to effect implementation so that you are informed of the planned activities throughout the process.  Most checklist items will be for us to complete, however if we require your assistance on a matter the item will specify what we require. 

If the complexity of the advice warrants, we may schedule a Post Implementation Meeting.

Ongoing Service and Advice

Our ongoing service and advice commences in accordance with the relevant Ongoing Service Agreement upon execution.  We generally review Ongoing Service Agreements every 12 months.

"Chris and his team have helped tremendously in organising my income protection insurance and ensuring my cover is held in the most tax effective manner. The process was very straight forward and all insurance options were explained clearly so I was able to make an informed decision on what cover I wanted. "

Adam Brady