Individually Managed Accounts

Individually Managed Accounts are investment portfolios that are managed by investment managers through a custodian, where the underlying investments are beneficially held by the individual investor and not the investment manager.

In a way they are a cross between a stockbroker and a unit trust.

Advantages of this approach are:

  • Complete transparency of transactions and costs by the fund manager.
  • Selling of stocks before year-end to crystallise either capital gains or losses.
  • Individual tailoring of an investment portfolio. For an example an investor could black list BHP if they required.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

To clarify an individual Managed Accounts, although similar to a separately Managed Accounts (SMA), is different to the extent that they can be tailored.  Generally speaking tailoring of a separately Managed Accounts is at a systems level whilst an individually Managed Accounts can be more specific.

Dalton Nicol Reid

Whilst we believe individually Managed Accounts are the model of the future they are only as good as their investment managers.  This is why we recommend Dalton Nicol Reid.

Dalton Nicol Reid is Australia’s largest independently owned Managed Accounts operator.

Dalton Nicol Reid’s past performance has been outstanding; they are value investors and have a proven stock selection process and investment team.

Dalton Nicol Reid is a Brisbane based company which we believe brings two advantages:

  • As we are also Brisbane based we have personal contact with the Dalton Nicol Reid investment team;
  • In Brisbane, Dalton Nicol Reid is a bigger fish then if they were in Sydney or Melbourne.  This allows the Dalton Nicol Reid’s investment team to get the audience of non-Brisbane CEOs, CFOs and investor relations officers when they travel to Brisbane which they might not be able to do if they were based in either Sydney or Melbourne.

Dalton Nicol Reid Investment Portfolios

In total Dalton Nicol Reid offer 6 investment options covering 4 asset classes.

For more details of Dalton Nicol Reid’s investment portfolios and their past performance please visit their website at

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