Investment Advice

At Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management we specialise in investment advice.  We put investment advice and strategy before financial products.  Moreover we rebate all investment commissions received from investments where the investments contribute towards a client's Funds Under Management (FUM).

Our investment advice is tax focused and personalised to your personal circumstances and views.

At Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management we:

  • Do not believe market cycles can be timed successfully time after time.
  • Acknowledge there are good and bad times to invest.
  • Are very aware that equity markets are a leading economic indicator and a recovery from a bear market can happen before economic data suggests.

We endeavour to maximise client wealth by tailoring our investment advice to their investment views and preferences.  Determining our clients' investment risk profile is an integral step in our investment advice.

What can we do for you

Our investment advice includes recommending -

  • Active fund managers (Generally we recommend Individually Managed Accounts-see below).
  • Passive fund managers (Index tracker funds and ETFs).
  • Investment strategies specific to client views. These could include writing covered calls (buy/write strategy), hybrid bonds etc.
  • Direct residential and commercial property (see our property advice page).
  • Sourcing of firm stock of placements and IPOs (Equities and bonds).

How we select our investments

Due to our strengths as a tax (financial) adviser we favour investments and investment managers that attempt to maximise investors' after tax investment returns.  This focus is not common amongst the financial planning community.  Other considerations are:

  • Investment fees.
  • Transparency of the fund.
  • Track record of the fund manager (not the fund itself).
  • Internal gearing.
  • Client risk profile.
  • Structure of the investment (ideally Individually Managed Accounts).

After tax investments returns are enhanced with low investment turnover and the ability to sell stocks before year-end to crystallise either capital gains or losses.

Low investment turnover enhances:

  • A higher portion of tax credits attached to dividends. (due to the 45 day rule)
  • Higher unrealised capital gains, which reduces taxable income and hence tax.  Capital gains tax can be discounted by up to 50% if investments are held for more than 12 months.

Individually Managed Accounts

Individually Managed Accounts are investment portfolios that are managed by investment managers through a custodian where the underlying investments are beneficially held by the investor and not the investment manager.

Advantages of this approach are:

  • Complete transparency of transactions and costs by the fund manager.
  • Selling of stocks before year-end to crystallise either capital gains or losses.
  • Individual tailoring of an investment portfolio.  For an example an investor could black list BHP if they required.

" I contacted Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management through a website enquiry seeking professional advice including a life insurance review. Chris took the time to fully understand my financial position, goals and needs to provide me with timely, relevant and easy to understand personal advice. This allowed me to make an informed decision about the types of insurance I really needed, my appropriate levels of cover and how to structure my cover to get the best value for my money."

Carmel White