Financial Planning Advice

Our financial planning advice is strategy based, personalised and takes a “no nonsense” approach.  It is based on our detailed knowledge of investment markets, tax, estate planning and superannuation.
We divide our financial planning offering into investment advice and financial advice.  We consider financial planning the art of integrating these components into a financial plan in a tax focused manner.

Investment Advice

For details on our investment advice approach please click here.

Financial Advice

Our financial advice provides clients with the framework to maximise and protect their wealth.  The main themes of our financial advice are tax minimisation, asset protection and planning wealth distribution on death.

Our financial planners are strategists that provide financial planning advice; they are not bound by products.  As such, we tailor comprehensive financial plans based on our clients' specific situations and needs.

We keep abreast of legislation changes to ensure the legality of our financial strategies and to take advantage of new ones.

Wealth creation

Our Wealth creation advice encompasses investment advice and many aspects of financial advice.  In wealth creation terms our financial advice includes:

  • Gearing levels.
  • Debt reduction strategies.
  • Superannuation strategies.
  • Tax minimisation.
  • Utilising government tax offsets, grants and allowances.

Tax minimisation

Our tax and accounting knowledge ensures our financial planning approach is tax focused.  This includes making key decisions on:

  • The structure of investment and business assets. (crossover with asset protection)
  • Whether investments should be held in superannuation.
  • Appropriate levels of superannuation contributions.
  • Consideration of the after tax returns of investments.


Superannuation is a key area of our expertise.  This includes Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), superannuation pensions, superannuation strategies, retirement planning and investment advice.  Important consideration is made to:

  • The start date(s) of superannuation pensions.
  • Pre-retirement planning.
  • Spouse superannuation contributions splitting.
  • Investment strategies including the possible use of Instalment Warrants (borrowing in superannuation).

Estate planning

Estate planning is fundamental to our financial planning approach.  Estate planning determines how family wealth is passed on to dependants and who controls your assets in the event of incapacity.  For business owners good estate planning includes business succession planning.

Asset protection

We provide advice on asset protection.  This includes protection from:

"Since engaging Chris Humphrey, I have benefited from his comprehensive financial, investment and tax knowledge. Chris and his team are always quick to respond to my queries and pro-active in updating me on any changes that may affect my financial situation. "

Dr Jason Stone