Fee for Service

At Humphrey Partners, we operate on a fee for service model.  A fee-for-service model is very different from a commission model, which has been the traditional method of remuneration adopted by many financial planning practices.  Our fee model allows you to choose the amount of service and financial advice you require.  In essence, it is a user pay approach - we do not assume that the more money you have, the more financial advice you need.

The fee charged depends on:

  • the investment needed to complete the service;
  • the degree of complexity and level of expertise required to complete the services; and
  • any risks associated with providing the service.

We split our investment advice and associated portfolio management from financial advice.  This allows us to target fees according to your particular and unique needs: investment and/or financial advice.

Financial Advice

We encourage you to receive a comprehensive financial plan when you first come to us because it facilitates an understanding of your personal situation, so we can provide the right advice for you.  In most cases, because a comprehensive financial plan will remain effective for many years we encourage and foster a strong ongoing partnership with you.

Reasons for having to change a comprehensive financial plan may include:

  • legislation changes; and
  • changes in personal circumstances (eg health, marriage/divorce, change of job/careers, change of countries, etc).

We will encourage you to participate in a yearly review to ensure your financial plans remain current, changing according to your needs.

Investment Advice

Our investment advice and associated portfolio management fees are based on the investment  by advisors placed on client portfolios.

All of our Investment Portfolio Management fees include:

  • Monitoring the investment performance of investment managers
  • Seeking new investment managers and replacing them when required
  • All fees and commissions from investment products will be credited to your cash management trust on receipt
  • You will receive secure access to view your investment portfolio online
  • We will respond within 48 hours to any telephone, fax or email queries from you
  • Any associated investment administration
  • Answering portfolio investment queries
  • Possible Strategic review meeting(s) to ensure that your financial plan remains relevant and on track to achieving your goals
  • Year-end tax reports and clarity around them
  • ‘Unlimited’ general financial advice (subject to fair use). 

" I am exceptionally happy with the quality of the advice and service that I continue to receive from Chris. I am impressed with his breadth of knowledge and expertise, and his ability to deliver it in a simple to understand manner. Chris is my first financial adviser and he has never given me a reason to look for an alternate. "

Jason Banks - State Manager Home Improvement Retailer