Case Studies

Our case studies provide a simple way to understand the array of financial planning considerations applicable to your financial situation.  Each case study is based on a hypothetical person or couple, who represent a 'typical' person/couple in a particular lifephase or situation.

Asset Building

The ages of 25 to 35 are considered to be the typical asset building phase, characterised by the early to middle years of careers, small net worth and large debt courtesy of home loans, student loans, etc.

In this case study, Bob and Jane (aged 32 and 27 respectively) both work, and have a mortgage.  Jane is currently pregnant.  For the full case study, click here.

Wealth Generation

The Wealth Generation stage generally occurs when your income is rising.  However, nicer homes, nicer cars and children can easily consume your increasing income.

In this case study, Bob and Jane (aged 43 and 38 respectively) have 3 children, a small share portfolio and a mortgage.  For the full case study, click here.


Retirement planning is an incredibly important step in everyone’s life, regardless of age or profession. In the lead up to retirement, it is especially vital to plan for your golden years.

In this case study, Bob and Jane (aged 58 and 53) both work.  They have substantial equity in their home, but still have a mortgage.  The couple are starting to build their superannuation and share portfolios.  All three of their children are now adults.  For the full case study, click here.


Retirement is something you should be looking forward to — not worrying about!  These years can and should be some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling of your life.

In this case study, Bob and Jane (aged 60 and 65 respectively) are retired.  Their house is unencumbered and their combined superannuation balance is over one million dollars.  For the full case study, click here.

Australian Expatriate

Tim is 27 years of age and has just moved to China where he envisages that he will spend the next 5 years of his life.  For the full case study, click here.


" I have been very impressed with the service that Chris Humphrey has supplied. He was able to take my complicated tax and insurance situation and provide a clear and concise investment strategy. The personal service that Chris has given me has been greatly appreciated. "

Michael Oberhardt - Principal Geologist at Arrow Energy